What's the problem?


The above real life story is voiced by an actor.


Sex is everywhere, it has always been everywhere if we looked for it, but currently we don’t have to look for it to find it.

Sex is online, in videos, on our phones and tablets, in games and on TV. If we look in newspapers or magazines we’re bombarded with sexualised content including young girls made up to look sexy.

Our culture is sexed up.

If we want to, in just a couple of clicks we can watch hard-core pornography and share explicit photos.

For many of us this isn’t how we want it to be.

It is making us feel stressed about when and what we should be doing sexually. We also worry that the images we share might come back on us in the future.

For some of us the sexualised culture we live in makes it unclear that when someone says no, they mean no.

All this is piling on the sexual pressure, and this is especially worrying for younger children who are seeing things online which they find frightening and disturbing.

Sexual pressures are also making us really aware of the way we look and act which can lead to body confidence problems, stress and anxiety.

What does YoungMinds Vs Sexed Up want?


  • We want clearer ways to report online content that is upsetting and disturbing

  • We want every school to ensure that young people receive sex education that:
    ° helps them to understand what a healthy relationship is and about what consent means in sexual relationships
    ° gives young people the chance to talk about pornography and how it influences expectations about sex and attitudes to others
    ° provides young people with a safe space where they can talk about sexual pressures

  • We want schools and youth settings to provide guidance on sexting so everyone understands the consequences.

  • We want more help and advice for parents and carers so they understand how to talk to young people about sex and consent in sensitive ways.

  • We want safe online support for children and young people to discuss their concerns.


Find out what you can do:Young Minds Vs Sexual Pressures - Don't believe the hype (pdf)

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