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YoungMinds Vs No Help – Make your feelings loud

What’s the problem?

Many of us are growing up in a toxic climate where sexual pressures, bullying, school stress and unemployment are affecting our mental health and wellbeing. Too many of us cannot get the help we need. This means many of us end up needing help from mental health crisis services, which could have been avoided if we got help when our problems first started.

GPs and schools often don’t offer the support we need, counselling services are being cut, we have to wait months to get help and often our problems become a crisis before we get it. When we reach 18 we get lost in the system and end up not being transferred to adult services.

What does YoungMinds Vs No Help want?

  • We want the Government to deliver what it promised in its Mental Health Strategy – to provide help when young people need it.
  • We want investment in early intervention services and increased funding across children and young people’s mental health services (CAMHS).
  • We want all local areas to be clear what CAMH services they provide and to have a mental health champion appointed in each local authority.
  • We want everyone who works with children and young people to have training in how to support them so they can spot the signs that young people are struggling and need help.
  • We want young people who are getting help from children’s mental health services and who need to continue to get support from adult services to have a transition between the two services that is caring and well managed.
  • We want young people at university who need help to get it as quickly as possible and when they return home for the holidays for this help to continue.
  • We want local, accessible and youth friendly mental health services to be available in the same place as other key services.
  • We want online support services that make us feel we are heard and cared for.

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