Vs Bullying

YoungMinds Vs Bullying – Stop the rot

What’s the problem?

Bullying, both on and offline, is happening all over Britain’s schools.

The majority of us have witnessed bullying and many of us have been bullied ourselves.

A number of studies show that bullying someone, being a victim of bullying and seeing someone else being bullied can all lead to emotional and mental health problems.

These experiences can affect our relationships when we become adults and can have an impact on us finding and keeping jobs.

So bullying is a threat to the wellbeing of all of us, not just victims.

What does YoungMinds Vs Bullying want?

  • We want long-term emotional support for everyone who is exposed to bullying as often symptoms of post traumatic stress start to show weeks or months after the bullying has happened.

  • We want a regular national survey of young people’s wellbeing including bullying so we can monitor the scale of young people’s problems and make sure there is enough help for them.

  • We want schools to build young people’s emotional strength so they can cope better with all the problems of growing up - of which bullying is a big one.


Find out what you can do: YoungMinds Vs Bullying - Stop the rot (pdf)

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