Vs Sexed Up

Jasmine Vs Sexual Pressures


Jasmine's Story

Children and teenagers live in a world where sex is in our faces. When I was 13 many of my friends were getting half naked photos sent round of themselves, one of my good friends was raped and many people in my year were having sex. By that age I was being made to feel that by not watching porn or by not having sex that I was doing something wrong. My sex education in school consisted of  watching an out of date film and no chance to discuss anything that mattered..

My sister is 13 and it really concerns me that she could be made to feel the same as I did.

  • I want her to have a safe environment to be able to learn about consent, pornography, healthy relationships and the dangers of sexting.
  • I want her to be able to ask questions without feeling judged or embarrassed.
  • I want her to be given real information instead of school-girl rumours 
  • I want her to feel comfortable with who she is, knowing that she doesn’t have to feel pressurized into doing anything she doesn’t want to do.

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