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Since I became a teenager I have been really unhappy and have had severe mental health problems. I have self harmed, struggled at school and my life at home has sometimes been like a war zone because I was desperately suffering and taking it out on my parents.

When I first started to struggle. I didn’t know what was going on and neither did other people. They thought I was acting up and being a ‘typical teenager’. I felt so alone.

I have been admitted to hospital but onto an adult ward, not a children’s ward because there were no beds available.

I got help but it was years after I started to struggle. I needed help early on, right at the start.

Thousands of young people like me are under pressure and suffering everyday but can't get the help they so desperately need because mental health services are being cut across the country. I eventually managed to  get help,  but too many young people don’t,  and the consequences are tragic for them and their families. 

My campaign to stop the cuts to children and young people's mental health services