Digital Leads

YoungMindsVs is steered by our Digital Leads group.

Creating social change online

All Digital Leaders are highly creative and want to drive create social change around young people's mental health and wellbeing.

These young activists are our Digital Leads. They work with us to improve the campaign by providing fresh and creative energy, which we need to keep our social platforms full of activity. These are young people who help make things happen!

What they do

The group meet on a regular basis to discuss how to take the online campaign forward and make the social media platforms much more reachable for other young people like themselves.

Recently the Digital Leads have been responsible for the social media activity that took place over National Anti-Bullying Week. #GettingThroughIt was a week-long campaign spreading positive messages for people who have been affected by bullying. Through this we got loads of new followers and spread an alternative positive message online, instead of the rise in hate and cyberbullying.

2015 ambitions

In 2015 the Digital Leads have big ambitions starting with an online campaign to highlight Safer Internet Day 2015. Keep it locked on our social media to make sure you’re updated on all our campaigns.

Get in touch

If you're interested in digital campaigning and coming up with original and creative ideas, why not become part of the YoungMinds Vs Digital family? Email and let's grab a coffee and chat.